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Kimbal Creek Secrets

It’s 1865, and word of the booming gold rush in British Columbia, brings 13 year-old Jamie Stewart and his older brother, Oliver, to Barkerville, then up into the mountains to Kimbal Creek. When they pull out a good amount of gold and some large nuggets, near the creek, and because the boys know they have to make it legal, Oliver heads back to Barkerville to register their claim on this creek.

Jamie is alone, with just the rifle and their little dog for protection. It doesn’t take long though, before Jamie discovers they are not alone! First he’s scared half to death when a white wolf suddenly appears out of nowhere, and disappears just as quickly.

Then an enchanted Raven tells him about five boys who have been shrunk to the size of Leprechauns, and these poor little boys are being forced to dig for gold every day!

Jamie decides that he must find a way to break the spell that has been cast upon all of them; but can he do it? And what will he do when they tell him that the white wolf isn’t the only secret on Kimbal Creek?




About Marg Sharp

Marg Sharp was born in Vancouver, British Columbia and raised in the Okanagan Valley. She served in the Royal Canadian Air Force in the late 1950's and early 1960's.

She is also a Veteran of the Ottawa City Police Dept., and she was a member of the Canadian Army Service Corp. Militia during that time.

Marg writes under the pen name Marg Sharp-Eagle, in honour of her mother, whose maiden name was Eagle. Although Marg fell in love with reading at a very young age, when her mother introduced her to a variety of literary classics, (she was one of those kids who read with a flashlight under the blankets at night), it wasn't until 2010 that she got serious about writing.

During the 1980's, and right up until 2013, Marg and her partner spent as much time as possible as hobby placer gold miners, mostly in B.C.'s Caribou Country.

Now, much of her time is spent creating pictures with words. Her debut novel, KIMBAL CREEK SECRETS, for youngsters age 9 and up, is being published and will be released this year, 2016. The story is an outdoor adventure-fantasy about two young brothers who encounter magic, mystery and mayhem while gold mining on Kimbal Creek, near Barkerville, British Columbia, during the Cariboo gold rush.

Since Kimbal Creek Secrets, Book I was published in early summer of 2016, Marg is busy promoting her book and did several books signings on a trip last year from Penticton, B.C. in the Okanagan Valley, with several stops on the way to Barkerville. The trip was very successful, and over 200 books were sold. Kimbal Creek Secrets, Book II is ready for publication, and she is busy writing Book III, which will probably bring the story to a surprise ending!



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As an artist most of her life, Marg has created many pet portraits, landscape paintings, in acrylics, and wildlife renderings in pen and ink. She is still painting pet portraits by commission.

You can e-mail Marg at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and pricing that will range from $150.00 and up.