Marg Sharp

More About Marg Sharp

My love of the great outdoors began when I was only 4 years old. It was during WWII, when my parents moved to the Pinchi Lake, mine townsite about 130 miles north of Fort St. James in British Columbia. I believe this was my first love affair with the wilderness and I have loved it ever since.

Then at age 40 I was introduced to placer gold mining, and of course to find all the gold creeks in British Columbia, my partner and I used Bill Barlee’s book, ‘Gold Creeks and Ghost Towns’ as a guide.

Finding all those creeks, and the people we met, is of course, another story. However the one place that we both fell in love with was Kimbal Creek out of Barkerville. The creek and this area was so magical, it was only natural that it would be the setting for Kimbal Creek Secrets.

The mystery and fantasy came from somewhere in my brain, and jumped out onto the pages as I wrote on my computer. It is purely fiction except of course for Barkerville and some of the other places in the Cariboo. The gold rush is a huge part of British Columbia’s history. For that reason there are a few pages about Barkerville at the beginning of the book.

We spent time on the Cottonwood River, Lightening Creek and the Swift River. There are wonderful memories of the time we spent with placer gold miners in the Cariboo. But Kimbal Creek will always be the most intriguing of them all.

Kimbal Creek Secrets has become a trilogy. Another surprise for me!

I have two wishes: One, that many children will have fun reading the original story, book II and book III. Two, that many children and their families will visit the fascinating heritage town of Barkerville, B.C. in beautiful British Columbia’s Cariboo Country.